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Media Gallery

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  • Motor Sports & Aftermarket
    T-5 5-Speed Transmission
  • Motor Sports & Aftermarket
    TKO 5-Speed Transmission
  • Motor Sports & Aftermarket
    Magnum 6-Speed Transmission
  • Motor Sports & Aftermarket
    Magnum XL 6-Speed Transmission
  • Passenger Vehicle
    TR-2450 5-Speed Transmission
  • Passenger Vehicle
    TR-3160 6-Speed Transmission
  • Passenger Vehicle
    TR-3450 5-Speed Transmission
  • Passenger Vehicle
    TR-3655 5-Speed Transmission
  • Passenger Vehicle
    TR-4050 5-Speed Transmission
  • Passenger Vehicle
    TR-6060 6-Speed Transmission
  • Passenger Vehicle
    TR-6070 7-Speed Transmission
  • Commercial Vehicle
    7-Speed Dual Counter Shaft Transmission
  • Commercial Vehicle
    10-Speed Dual Counter Shaft Transmission
  • Commercial Vehicle
    18-Speed Dual Counter Shaft Transmission
  • Commercial Vehicle
    5-Speed Synchronized Transmission
  • Commercial Vehicle
    7-Speed Synchronized Transmission
  • Commercial Vehicle
    Auxiliary Transmission

Video Gallery

  • Manual Transmission
    How It Works
  • Dual Clutch Transmission
    How It Works
    Torque Transfer Solutions
  • Spinning Levers (1936)
    How a Manual Transmission Works
  • An Inside Look at TREMEC
    Company overview
  • SEMA 2015
    MRT and TREMEC team up to build a Ford F-150 with a manual 6-speed transmission
  • SEMA 2015
    How do you say "Chevy Nova" in Canadian?
  • TREMEC Outfits Ford Racing School
    Bulletproof Magnum XLR Transmission
  • TREMEC's Free Toolbox App
    Toolbox App for iPhone and Android
  • Driveline Angle Finder App
    Street Legal TV review
  • Roadkill - Project Car Update
    TV show "Hot Rod Garage" showcases TREMEC transmissions
  • 2015 Stick Shift Shootout
    3rd annual event at Bradenton Motorsports Park
  • 2014 Stick Shift Shootout
    Race recap at NMRA Bradenton
  • 2013 Stick Shift Shootout
    Winner awarded a Magnum XL 6-speed transmission
  • Corvette Stingray
    Shifting the TR-6070 7-speed transmission
  • Jay Leno's Garage
    1962 Daimler SP250 restoration with TREMEC 5-speed transmission
  • Hurst Driveline | TREMEC 6-Speed Magnum XL
    Conversion on a 2011 Mustang
  • Aftermarket Performance
    The TREMEC advantage
  • TREMEC in Motorsports
    Working under pressure
  • TREMEC Aftermarket Transmissions
    Overview for the automotive enthusiast and sportsman racing communities
  • TREMEC TKO 5-Speed Transmission
    Versatile transmission that has stood the test of time
  • TREMEC Magnum 6-Speed Transmission
    Easily tolerates up to 700 lb.-ft. of torque with short, crisp shifts
  • Two Guys Garage
    Modern Driveline installs a TREMEC 5-speed transmission into a 1967 Mustang
    TKO-600 Install
  • TREMEC Magnum
    6-Speed Transmission Overview
  • SAE 2014 Transmission Symposium
    Jeremy Holt discusses the SAE Transmission Symposium
  • TREMEC Heavy-Duty Truck Transmission
    Operation of a TREMEC Easy-shift Transmission
  • TREMEC Heavy-Duty Truck Transmission
    Operation of a Pro-Shift Transmission
  • Magnum 6-Speed on Display at PRI
    Available for 2005+ Mustang GT and 5th Gen Camaro & Challengers