TREMEC TR-9007 DCTHigh-torque dual clutch transmission with performance mechatronic system provides a multi-mode, tunable launch for high-end luxury cars and sports cars.

Design, development, tooling, and testing costs can inhibit the product development of modest volume/niche segment drivetrains. However, a convergence of customer needs, economic possibilities and engineering capabilities can drive powerful solutions with a 'viral' adaptation.

In pursuit of such a convergence, TREMEC has developed a "Family Approach" to new drivetrain products characterized by high-torque applications in sports cars, SUVs and diesel vehicles that demand performance and refinement. For these markets, improvements in torque capacity, NVH, fuel efficiency and mass reduction are continually engaged to meet the “Fun-2-Drive” needs of the customer.

TREMEC has unveiled this family approach with a 7-speed, 900Nm (664 lb-ft) dual clutch transmission that takes into account a modular design for RWD, AWD and transaxle platforms.

All subsystems and components were precisely designed to assure maximum performance of the complete transmission system. The system is optimized by unique friction material, efficient hydraulics, low-leak solenoids, plus a transmission control unit equipped with sophisticated, application-specific software.

Features at a glance:

  • Seven forward speeds
  • Modular design for rear-wheel drive (RWD), all-wheel drive (AWD) and trans-axle platforms
  • Torque capacity of 900 Nm (664-lb-ft)
  • 9,000 RPM maximum input speed
  • Performance-oriented gear ratio spread
  • Integrated mechatronics

DCT Gear Ratios




This combination makes TREMEC an excellent choice for a high-performance automated transmission project – enabling the OEM to tune every maneuver for brand-unique feel and performance.

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