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Friction Solutions

TR-FO24, TR-FC100 and TR-FC150Friction materials

TREMEC provides a range of automotive friction solutions ranging from clutch systems to friction materials. Both organic and carbon based friction materials in the TREMEC portfolio provide unique advantages for a range of applications and Torque Transfer Solutions. The requirements for shift feel, torque capacity, friction coefficient stability and refinement are addressed by our materials – providing competitive advantages in demanding dual wet clutch or single clutch applications.

TR-FO24 friction material is an organic friction lining for demanding applications. The material is made from organic cellulose reinforced with materials that are encased in a thermosetting phenolic resin base to form a fiber reinforced friction material. This material has excellent characteristics for high thermal loaded applications that require both a high friction coefficient and good controllability of the friction system.

TR-FO24 is especially suitable for applications that require very good damping characteristics, comfort and consistent shift times – such as automated manual transmissions and double clutches. At the same time, it meets the demands for lower loaded applications of passenger car torque converter lock up clutches.

TR-FC100 and TR-FC150 are wet friction materials that consist of woven carbon fiber embedded in a synthetic resin. Carbon fiber is considered an exceptional friction material for its high thermal and abuse resistance with a consistent friction coefficient. The carbon friction materials are resin-reinforced, porous carbon fiber-based composite materials that contain no cellulose, making them more heat resistant than paper-based products.

TR-FC100 and TR-FC150 provide high-quality friction lining for high-performance products, including friction lining in oil immersed applications – making it ideal for drive-away clutches with high loads.

TREMEC has a range of component and clutch system test facilities to support customers with product specific technical advice in choosing the right friction system. Contact a TREMEC engineer for more information on friction materials, steel plates and oil for your application.