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10-Speed Twin Counter Shaft Commercial TransmissionTREMEC transmissions for heavy-duty applications offer an exceptionally wide range of high torque to-weight ratios. Designed for over-the-road, city applications and vocational purposes, TREMEC dual counter shaft transmissions feature outstanding performance, reliability and durability.

TREMEC offers many configurations of the 10-speed dual counter shaft manual transmission, including a complete line of direct drive and overdrive products with Power Take-Off (PTO).

For weight sensitive or bulk hauling applications, TREMEC heavy-duty commercial transmissions deliver more payload capability with heat-treated aluminum alloy cases. This reduces valuable vehicle weight and provides optimum efficiency to match the unique demands of any application.

Vocational 10-speed transmissions are available in models to match most application conditions, axle ratio specifications and engine specifications.

TREMEC 9, 10, 13 and 18-speed transmissions feature the patented Optilube™ System. This optimal lubrication system uses an internal oil pump and a simple, effortless delivery system to spray lubricant continuously and directly onto all critical gear sets and bearings.

The TREMEC TR-TO manual 10-speed transmission now specified for the ProStar® Lightweight Package

TREMEC transmissions for heavy-duty and vocational applications offer an exceptionally wide range of high torque-to-weight ratios. Designed for over-the road and city applications, the TR-TO 10-speed manual transmission features outstanding performance, reliability and durability.

For weight sensitive applications, the TREMEC TR-TO delivers more payload capability with a heat-treated aluminum alloy case. This reduces valuable weight and provides optimum efficiency to match the unique demands for any application.

Key benefits and features of the TREMEC 10-Speed Dual Counter Shaft Manual Transmission include:

  • Up to 127 lb weight savings compared to competitive transmissions so you can haul more payload and make more profit with every run!
  • Patented Optilube® system provides internal lube pump and pressurized distribution system to ensure adequate lubrication at all times
  • Impressive shiftability and NVH with triple-isolated shift lever
  • Ease of service for maximum uptime
  • End-load design with "best-in-class" torque-to-weight ratio
  • Wide choice of PTO applications
  • Quiet operation improves driver comfort
  • Deep first and reverse gears for excellent maneuverability
  • Reduced cost of ownership throughout entire service life

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